Two Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Researchers conducted a global Gallup poll and found that only 13 percent of employees are engaged at work. If this stat is true, low engagement is at epidemic levels and it’s absolutely affecting productivity, innovation and competitive advantage.

 Once the shock of that statistic has worn off, think back to your company. The majority of employees within your company could feel adrift and not have the proper motivation to complete the work due to a lack of connection with your company. What can you do beyond sending out a survey or doing a quarterly team activity to show interest in their careers? Here are two suggestions.

 Show gratitude regularly

 I often tell CEOs that a largely overlooked leadership behavior is gratitude. Being able to show gratitude for the team you’re leading shows your employees that you value their intellect and appreciate their contributions.

 Cultivating a spirit of gratitude must be an intentional effort and if it’s not front and center in your mindset, the feeling of being simply a cog in the wheel or being taken for granted, will creep back in, without you noticing.

 When a good thought comes to my mind about a teammate, friend, or family member, I obligate myself to share it. What good does it do if it just bounces around in my head? I’d rather share that good thought and help make someone’s day.  This simple expression sends what I refer to as ‘the value message’; it’s a simple way of ensuring people feel and know they are a valued member of the team.

 This simple expression, a quick ‘good job,’ could make all the difference in helping ensure an employee knows their work counts — motivating them further to continue fulfilling the mission.

 The gratitude you put forward will enable you to build a strong and connected team which will enable you to create massive competitive advantage for your company.

 Don’t Forget Employee Development

 Here’s a truth…the pace with which your employees grow directly impacts the pace with which your company grows.

 Many employees often act surprised when their manager shows they care about their individual development and success. By actively engaging in understanding your team’s growth and development goals, this shows how much you value them as individuals, which circles back to gratitude.

 Follow up individually with employees about their career aspirations and where they envision themselves within the company — then create actionable next steps to help them move in that direction.

 Helping your team achieve their career goals is a smart financial investment, one that many leaders miss. This step is a building block that will help propel you as a leader helping to create a line at your door with top talent wanting to work for and with you. Make it a priority to create a work culture that focuses on valuing your team; these are just two ways to improve employee engagement.

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Phil Mydlach

Phil Mydlach is a high-performance executive coach who shows people and companies how to break through to their next level of ability, growth, and performance. He partners with them as they lean into their edge to confront the fears that are holding them back.

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