"Quite simply, if our partners are unable to continue growing, we would stop growing. After a thorough evaluation and assessment process, we chose Phil. This turned out to be the best decision we could have made. He has helped contribute to the success of our channel. Indeed, we have realized 18% to 22% growth in a market that is only growing at 4%. I would strongly encourage anyone seeking to achieve similar results to make good use of Phil's expertise." 

—Jeff Ray CEO, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp (fmr.)


"Phil's guidance turns strategy and vision into reality. His track record of success and vast “real world” experience fuels his incredible impact as an Executive Coach. I have personally witnessed Phil’s work with senior executives and middle managers; the feedback and results underscore his effectiveness. He’s very direct, challenges the status quo, yet our team is comfortable and at ease with him. I strongly recommend leveraging Phil to develop highly effective leaders in any organization."

—Steve Francaviglia, President-Greater Milwaukee South, Aurora Health Care


"Phil is an incredible mentor and confidant. He strikes a great balance of speaking from experience and business best practices with his tremendous interpersonal skills and empathy to give sound advice and sincere support. I've learned and grown significantly as a manager due to his ongoing support and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves both professionally and personally."

—Jennifer Fix, Manager, Product Management at The Home Depot


“Phil’s process and experience is the key element that has enabled us to create an employee-empowered culture; it’s also the key to our growth. This has enabled us to engage our team more fully, create sustainable management, and ensure long-term growth as opposed to a quick fix. In the first 25 months of working with Phil, we doubled our revenue and tripled our earnings, and that was 12 years ago. We continue our partnership with Phil today; he’s a great leader, coach and a genuine human being!”

—Ken Coburn, Owner, GoEngineer


"Phil came in, assessed the situation objectively and factually, developed best practices for us, taught us how to teach, worked with our channel independently and separately. The result… we're a better company! He's a trusted advisor, a great friend, and a great partner, and I cannot imagine being in business without his partnership."

—Ken Clayton, VP, Worldwide Sales, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp


"Working with Phil has been a game-changer for my business and myself. In just a short amount of time, I’m on track to double my billings this year. With Phil’s guidance, I’ve gained extreme clarity regarding the priorities that drive, not only growth, but sustainable growth. He’s so much more than a business coach, though. From our calls, he’s been able to pinpoint the “head trash” (aka my insecurities) keeping me stuck, whether I’m speaking about them or not. My confidence has skyrocketed from leveraging Phil’s experience and insights, whether they involve my strategy, "self-talk” or creating  clarity regarding the exact ROI my clients experience as a result of our work together. I’m so grateful to work with Phil, and I highly recommend his coaching for anyone ready to break through a plateau!" 

—Danielle Zeigler, SEO + Digital Marketing Strategist


"ROI is a key business driver for many business decisions that are made on a daily basis. Phil’s contribution is clearly additive to our earnings growth; our ROI on leveraging Phil as a development resource is significant. He builds upon and leverages all other factors within our corporate system. He understands best practices and his owner/operator experience fuels his ability to assist in developing many of our leaders and in gaining alignment and engagement quickly. Phil knows how to add value to an OEM and their channel partners. He epitomizes being a true “partner.”

—Tom Lavinka, CFO at TriMech Solutions


"When I started working with Phil, I expected general strategy, and I ended up with so much more. His guidance revolves around not only creating a more successful executive but also a more successful person. He wants you to be effective, confident and happy. Great listener, always empathetic, deep experience; he’s a great coach and mentor."

—Adrian Fanjoy, VP of Technical Services, Computer Aided Technology


“I am blown away with what has transpired since I first engaged with Phil for coaching! He has helped me with the fundamentals of life and business with an approach that focuses completely on me as an individual, and what I need to do to see progress on all fronts. Partnering with Phil has led me to become the number two sales rep worldwide within the SolidWorks partner community - after being in the role for only one full year. In addition, my personal income has increased 133% in the first year! Without Phil’s personal coaching, the volatility of the work would have engulfed me. Phil helped bring out my best which has greatly benefitted my professional and my family life. If you have a passion to succeed in work and in all areas of your life, Phil is the guy who will get you there.

—Stephen Gordon, Account Manager, GoEngineer


"Phil is exceptional in the way he facilitates and improves cultural change leading to lasting performance improvement, profitable growth and increased market value. The repeatability and scalability of Phil’s methods enabled us to elevate our performance beyond what we ever thought possible. I must say he always leaves me feeling energized after we speak. Intelligent and motivating, Phil is a fantastic CEO resource!"

—Shane Preston, Executive Vice President - Global Sales, Nearmap, Sydney Australia


"I’ve been through really in-depth business coaching in the past, and no one has ever been able to provide me with the clarity that Phil has. In a short amount of time, he gets you to look in the mirror, identify the core issues and make improvements while maintaining our relationship and a high degree of accountability. He has a really unique set of skills."

—Nicole Turley, Sales Director, Central Area, Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corp


"Working with Phil has been incredible in a number of ways. His experience has brought new insight to me regarding how to build greater trust, transparency, engagement and alignment with my direct reports, and also with executives and doctors throughout our healthcare system. His work with me cascades throughout the organization positively impacting people he has never even met. He’s a gifted communicator with a compassionate heart; this combined with his vast business experience and his deep understanding of what makes people tick, makes Phil an invaluable resource to any leader. He is a powerful coach!"

—Chuck Wesolowski, MBA, BSN, RN, Director of Surgical Services, Aurora Sinai Medical Center


“Phil has helped me a ton, especially when it comes to strategizing how to manage and grow a large team. One of the most valuable skills Phil has helped me develop is the ability to effectively approach and handle difficult conversations. Working with Phil has increased my productivity 40% in 12 months, and helped me provide effective leadership to the 14 people on my team. Phil’s coaching style is professional and empathetic. He does a great job holding me accountable with a firm but fair approach. My own professional development and that of my team owe a lot to Phil!”

—Jeff Wicklein, Sales Director Engineering & Business Solutions, TriMech Companies


"Phil is incredibly transparent, and he shares his life experiences both good and bad, personally and professionally. That’s one of the reasons he’s so effective as a coach—he has tremendous life experience that I get to benefit from. When you work with Phil, you also get his wife, Jo, and her positive influence in his life. Both the male and female perspective comes through in how he guides me. He really understood the challenge of balancing priorities as a single mom, both professionally and personally. A lot of that insight comes from Jo and how they’ve worked on their own marriage for decades."

—Sara Rebscher, Account Manager, Computer Aided Technology, Inc.


"The best part of working with Phil is that he comes across as a mentor and a caring big brother. He tells me what I need to hear, challenges, encourages and equips me to achieve beyond what I previously thought possible. One of the most unique characteristics of Phil is that he’s always genuinely excited about the progress I’m making. He has such a positive attitude and approach to how he communicates and encourages me into growth. His guidance is real, it comes from experience, and it produces significant results!"

—David Glassbrook, Strategic Manager, Navy Channel, TriMech Solutions


"Phil, Phil, and Phil. This man has encouraged me on so many fronts—too many to mention. He is a vital part of our ECOSYSTEM, our growth, and he is part of our corporate family. When he speaks, I take notes. He understands our business, he understands our culture, and most importantly—he’s great at helping people and companies achieve their best. Phil points me to my potential. He helps me to think in terms of “what’s possible”, he asks me the hard questions and challenges me head-on in a way that creates growth and achievement. I always take so much from Phil because I know he’s “done the work” himself."

—Chris Harris, 3D Printing Specialist, Master Combatives Instructor, Warrior Makers


"I’ve never experienced anything like this. Phil’s helped me overcome some significant challenges. His experience, empathy and ability to take me to the next level is exhilarating, the sky’s the limit. Any leader could learn a lot from Phil, he’s not just an executive coach, he’s a life coach for executives."

—Tony Bustos, VP of Sales, Computer Aided Technology


"Phil is exactly who he presents himself to be and he uses real-life stories from his own background; most coaches don't have his depth of real-world experience. Phil gets it. He’s sincere, consistent, authentic and he gets results."

—Brad Hansen, CEO, GoEngineer


"Working with Phil has given me valuable direction in how to improve my team’s performance. While I know I still have a lot to learn as a sales leader, Phil has shown me that I don’t always need to have all the answers. I need to be the conduit of ideas exchanged by fully leveraging the talent and brilliance on my team!  His guidance in this area alone has created tremendous momentum for both my team and myself. Phil has helped my team improve accountability, execution and ultimately consistency in performance. This consistent performance has paid off! Our team has performed at 102% of quota, reflecting a 13% year-over-year growth. It’s also resulted in additional responsibilities for me in leading a larger team – growing from eight people in NA to 21 people globally. When I started working with Phil one year ago, I was Director of Corporate Accounts. As I start this year, I am now the Director of Corporate Accounts Worldwide. Phil has helped me bring out my best performance!"

—Ed Miller, Director Corporate Accounts Worldwide, SolidWorks


"Phil has a way of getting you to stretch yourself further than you think you are capable. When I first started working with him, my sales team struggled to achieve quota. Phil help me to define the obstacles much more clearly, and then helped me develop the management capabilities that enabled me to dramatically improve my sales team’s performance. Since working with Phil, my sales team has increased production 33% over the previous year. Leveraging his experience has significantly improved my capabilities as a leader, and has equipped me with the ability to consistently achieve and exceed our goals and targets year after year. We are now poised to have our best year, again!"

—Michael Sproles, Director of Software Sales, TPM


“Phil is a grounded, normal human being whose actionable advice and immediately applicable solutions have allowed me to reach a much greater level of comfort and confidence in my professional life. As a woman in a male-dominated profession, working with Phil has been instrumental in helping me eliminate what he calls “head trash” and truly see the capabilities that reside within me. Phil genuinely gets the Mars/Venus dynamic and is able to coach accordingly with sensitivity. I’ve seen so many tangible signs of growth since working with Phil, including the ability to be more proactive in addressing challenging topics and difficult personalities. If you need help in growing your confidence to let your best shine through, call Phil.”

—Renee Nehls, Tooling Engineer, ORBIS


"When I started working with Phil, I was a new manager in an industry with lots of complexities. My goal was to get up to speed as quickly as possible, and his guidance was perfect. He’s been through this; he started his own business, grew it, then sold it. Because of that experience, having him to bounce ideas off of, to share struggles and pain points with, and to know that he’s been successful doing exactly what I’m trying to accomplish, is such a tremendous asset. He’s really helped me build my confidence and helped me to become an experienced manager much sooner than I would have without his help."

—Matt Fawcett, Channel Sales Manager, Ultimaker


"I wanted a coach that would enable me to achieve greater levels of performance and prepare me for greater responsibility in the future. Within 18 months of working with Phil, I grew from leading one team with 14 sales professionals to leading three teams with 25 team members. My initial sales team grew production 50% with the same number of reps. Phil helped me structure my teams to be more efficient and productive, never by telling me what to do, but by asking all the right questions to steer me in the direction I needed to go. Phil has helped me create much deeper relationships internally, enabling me to have greater influence and to become a catalyst for change and growth within my company."

—Tyler Haggin, Customer Service Manager, GoEngineer


"Phil’s been a great resource! As a Sales leader, I am pretty good with the logistics of the role; regular forecast reviews, weekly team meetings, etc. Where Phil helped me grow was the human side of managing high performing sales people. Our discussions and my growth were focused on the high performers mindset, emotional intelligence, courageous conversations and creating a team culture where self-examination, continuous improvement and growth becomes normal and part of our teams’ DNA.

Phil has an incredible ability to dig into an issue, find its root cause, and then ask a series of challenging questions that lead you to a solution. His approach has been highly effective, resulting in consistent sales growth from my team and a recent promotion for me, moving from Regional Sales Director to VP of Sales. I look forward to continuing my work with Phil as we tackle new challenges and opportunities together.

—Bill Phelps, VP of Sales, TriMech Solutions


"Tapping into Phil's experience has accelerated the pace of my growth, increased my confidence, and enabled me to dream and achieve bigger goals than I thought possible. His personal commitment to me has always greatly exceeded my expectations. Phil is capable, kind, and impactful—an incredible resource to any leader!"

—Peter Adam, Sales Manager


"We were able to significantly improve earnings performance by improving our focus, consistency in execution, overall employee engagement and accountability."

—Mark Peters, President/Owner, IMPACT Engineering Solutions, Inc. (former)


"Phil combines the latest in business management and human capital thinking with very real life experiences that bring his message to life in a very real, relevant, and actionable way. My team was fully engaged and learned a great deal from Phil, and he was a great investment for me."

—Steve Martenet, President, Anthem BCBS of Missouri and HealthLink


"To have someone with Phil’s experience as a thinking partner is invaluable! Great strategic thinker, and amazing at helping navigate through challenges and difficult conversations. To have someone with Phil’s experience as a thinking partner is invaluable! Our discussions are focused on performance and goal achievement, both professional and personal. Phil wants to make sure I achieve my professional goals, and wants to make sure I thrive in my personal/family life as well. I love this about Phil; he’s an incredibly invaluable resource."

—Marcus Vaughan, Director, Information Security and Quality at Rockwell Automation, Milwaukee Wisconsin


"What differentiates Phil is the endless list of tools and methodologies that he can apply to any given complex situation. He is also strongly committed to the task and takes the time to really understand and learn about each individual business process and each individual customer challenge."

—Ralf Schoenfelder, Global Managing Director, Prince Minerals Inc; Formerly President/CEO, IGC Technologies, LC


"Our organization has worked with Phil in a variety of capacities over the years and each year we reflect on his contributions being one of the key drivers of success. Phil is an invaluable resource and sounding board for me as the business leader. He helps increase accountability and performance in a number of our sales managers and works hand-in-hand with some of our top performing sales reps to take them to the next level. Phil’s ability to contribute at a number of hierarchical positions drives true alignment and consistent messaging across our company. Our teams have seen exponential performance gains with Phil’s coaching and influence. And lastly, he is a pleasure to work with. Smart, driven, and an excellent character make him a perfect match for our company."

—Chris Fay, President, TPM


"The results we've enjoyed include stronger profitability in less than two quarters and improved internal communications. We now have a common language and a more structured methodology for problem solving as our company grows."

—Rich Werneth, President, Computer Aided Technology, Inc.


"Being the CEO is the loneliest position in the company and there are very few people you can talk to about certain challenges. That’s one of the reasons I’m grateful for Phil. He understands where you’re coming from and has real-world experience, so his advice is informed, personal, and not just "by the book." It’s tailor made to my specific situation. Invaluable coach to the C-Suite!"

—Todd Majeski, President & Owner, 3DVision Technologies


“Phil’s coaching has increased my business substantially. Over the course of a short engagement, Phil used scenario-based planning to help me pay attention to the details that refined my focus enabling me to fully leverage my intellect and effort. The results of our work together has produced a 130% increase in gross revenue, and an 86% increase in my personal income over the past two years. Thanks so much, Phil!”

—Lance Wright, Account Executive, TPM


"When you’re the one sitting in the driver’s seat, it’s hard sometimes to identify the issues negatively impacting performance. Phil has a unique ability to pull back the curtain and shine a light on those key issues. His experience and vision uncover and add clarity to the priorities needing attention in order to take my performance to the next level. Phil works from a place of genuine sincerity and caring; he has a true desire to see improvement and growth. In helping me more fully discover and leverage the skills and abilities that already reside within me, Phil has helped me grow my personal income 24% this year over the previous year. He has instilled within me a greater sense of confidence and a champion’s mindset. If you want to build momentum quickly and permanently, reach out to Phil; he’s an outstanding resource!"

—Steve Mercurio, Client Executive, Strategic Accounts, Tri-Mech


"Phil’s work had a significant impact on our company within six months. He came in with a library of tools that we could adapt to our business, enabling us to accelerate the pace of our progress. Part of the value of working with Phil is his tremendous experience, outside perspective, and his exceptional ability to connect with and engage every single participant. We implemented his Quarterly Operational Planning Process, which enabled us to fully engage and leverage the experience and intellect of our entire leadership team. We’ve taken to calling him Dr. Phil because he’s the one we turn to when we have a challenge or obstacle impeding growth!"

—Rod Levin, Vice President – Partner, Tech Services, Computer Aided Technology


"Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, and the same is true with Phil’s coaching. It’s a high-investment, high-return scenario that is TRULY worthwhile. Being a “tech guy,” I had my doubts at first about how much Phil, as a business and leadership coach, would truly know about my job and my field.

However, it quickly became apparent that when breaking down obstacles with Phil, the large, seemingly insurmountable barriers to progress morphed into speed bumps, made up of manageable elements. It’s most impressive the way Phil is able to distill my problems or opportunities down to their core sticking points. More often than not, it’s all about people (and not the technology). This especially helped me invest early on in my relationship with Phil, as it helped me quickly get over the biggest hurdle which was… “is this going to be worth my time?” Emphatically, the answer is YES! Working with Phil has been one of the most valuable time investments I’ve made.  

The way that Phil asks exploratory questions helps me to understand the problem myself. He’s never judging or critical, just genuinely curious about breaking things down. Most of the time, he’s already got some great ideas on how to get over those individual challenges. 

Phil and I work together to brainstorm potential solutions, always finding a way to attack the problem using my ideas and voice. I especially appreciate that even though part of the coaching is to dial in to what my style and voice should be, Phil navigates the line so well between being an authority on problem-solving and being a guiding hand molding my management persona. This helps me stay invested (and excited for!) the coaching process as time goes on. I really feel like I own the progress we’ve made.

I really appreciate that Phil doesn’t accept lackluster effort or performance. I have a feeling that if I wasn’t able to fully invest in the process, he’d let me know that it wasn’t working out. 

I am so grateful for the guidance that Phil’s provided, because it’s allowed me to seek advice and help in a non-skeptical way, which is something that had previously been a challenge. This could actually be the greatest benefit of all, as it helps my family and personal life as well as my career. My advice to potential clients is: Make sure you’re ready for real growth and everything that comes along with it, because when you feel like any problem is solvable, your scope widens greatly and the urge to keep the momentum going is strong!”

—Jeff Jordan, Engineering Manager, SolidWorks and Stratasys 3D Printers


"Anytime a consultant comes into the picture, people feel nervous. However, Phil’s people skills made my group feel at ease. Phil did what he said he would do, and more. I was pleasantly surprised by his sincere interest in our successes and failures. I find this refreshing in today's business environment."

—Jerry Batzner, President, Batzner Pest Management


"…our management team has become stronger and started managing at a more consistent level. Phil also brought a sense of accountability to the process…we've increased sales tremendously, seeing 30% growth after our first year."

—Paul Rudin, President, Symmetry Solutions


"Any organization that finds it lacks clarity or an effective planning process would do well to hire Phil."

—Kevin A. Steiner, President/CEO, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company


"Phil's speaking style is engaging and compelling, and even more relevant is the fact that his content is insightful and actionable. Your time with Phil will be well spent."

—Dave Vetta, President & CEO, First Business Bank Milwauke 


"Phil’s overall planning process has given us a simple but effective framework to follow, in addition to providing us with an excellent structure to help build teamwork. The way he modified his process to fit our division's specific needs has also been quite helpful."

—Keith Maurer, Director, SC Johnson and Sons, Inc.


"Phil's coaching and mentoring have been an invaluable part of my development and making me a more effective leader—and a better person. His wealth of knowledge and insight, combined with his compassionate and respectful approach, has taken me far beyond my comfort zone and into areas of growth. Phil is the real deal."

—Jim Tedesco, VP of Marketing, Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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