Bill Phelps

Phil’s been a great resource! As a Sales leader, I am pretty good with the logistics of the role; regular forecast reviews, weekly team meetings, etc. Where Phil helped me grow was the human side of managing high performing sales people. Our discussions and my growth were focused on the high performers mindset, emotional intelligence, courageous conversations and creating a team culture where self-examination, continuous improvement and growth becomes normal and part of our teams’ DNA.

Phil has an incredible ability to dig into an issue, find its root cause, and then ask a series of challenging questions that lead you to a solution. His approach has been highly effective, resulting in consistent sales growth from my team and a recent promotion for me, moving from Regional Sales Director to VP of Sales. I look forward to continuing my work with Phil as we tackle new challenges and opportunities together.

—Bill Phelps, VP of Sales, TriMech Solutions

Phil Mydlach

Phil Mydlach is a high-performance executive coach who shows people and companies how to break through to their next level of ability, growth, and performance. He partners with them as they lean into their edge to confront the fears that are holding them back.