Sara Rebscher

"Phil is incredibly transparent, and he shares his life experiences both good and bad, personally and professionally. That’s one of the reasons he’s so effective as a coach—he has tremendous life experience that I get to benefit from. When you work with Phil, you also get his wife, Jo, and her positive influence in his life. Both the male and female perspective comes through in how he guides me. He really understood the challenge of balancing priorities as a single mom, both professionally and personally. A lot of that insight comes from Jo and how they’ve worked on their own marriage for decades."

—Sara Rebscher, Account Manager, Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

Phil Mydlach

Phil Mydlach is a high-performance executive coach who shows people and companies how to break through to their next level of ability, growth, and performance. He partners with them as they lean into their edge to confront the fears that are holding them back.