leadership Workshops

For those interested in exposing their channel partners or teams to growth insights, tools and techniques, my leadership training workshops guide leaders to growing profitable, scalable teams and businesses.

Popular leadership workshop topics include:


Take Control of Your Schedule - Time and Priority
Professional success has a lot to do with understanding what it is that you do that adds value to your organization, and to yourself personally. This sounds obvious, but when you look at how people manage their time, allowing it to be fragmented (destroying momentum), it’s clear that many people need an improved understand and approach to creating greater power and value in ones’ professional and personal life. Take back control.

Healthy Organizational Cultures Icon

Maintaining Healthy Cultures - Its Complicated
Three critical ingredients (care, conflict and communication) make up the core elements to creating organizational cultures of high performance.

Grow Your Company with Leadership Training

Are You Keeping Pace With Company Growth
Our habits, behaviors and attitudes determine the level of success we achieve. Evaluate your leadership team’s collective habits, behaviors and attitude to determine your organization’s current stage of development and then chart a course toward accelerated profitable growth.

What Lies Beneath - Reasons for Stalled Growth
Retool your sales structure and reduce dependency on growth-blocking sales reps to motivate your team and inspire progress.

Leadership training workshops are geared toward OEM’s, channel partners and leaders that are learning how to engage their partners’ employee team in order to serve stakeholders more completely while driving sales performance. Each workshop is priced at $5,000 and is 90 minutes in length. Two workshops are required to book an event. Attendees leave with an action plan and a greater understanding of their role in an organization’s success. 

Download Phil's leadership development White Papers

Maintaining Healthy Company Cultures White Paper Download
Success Coaching & Company Growth White Paper Download
Time & Priority Management for Executives White Paper Download
Why Your Company has Stalled Sales Growth White Paper Download

keynote Speaking - improve leadership skills

My keynote speeches illustrate essential leadership skills and how to use those skills to build trust.

One of the ways I teach leaders how to create self-sustaining cultures within their own organizations is through speaking engagements. My keynote speech illustrates essential leadership skills and how to use and improve those skills to build trust and create vibrant and dynamic company cultures that produce consistent, tangible results on the bottom line.

I am available for speaking engagements at partner conferences, client events, employee events, trade shows, and leadership retreats. 

"Phil’s speaking style is engaging and compelling, and even more relevant is the fact that his content is insightful and actionable. Your time with Phil will be well spent."

—Dave Vetta, First Business Bank Milwaukee